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ABOUT UNIASM – Workshop software for the automotive industry

UniASM is a quality product from Unibase Solutions serving the South African motor spares industry. It is founded on the automotive workshop software system that operates South Africa’s largest warehouse and retail motor spares supply business. Developed to specification as a dedicated Electronic Warehouse and Catalogue, UniASM has evolved into a fully fledged Motor Spares Business Management System with integrated modules for Purchasing, Distribution, Warehouse & Stock Control, Point of Sale, General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Cash book, Banking as well as related accounting and business operations functions. Uni-ASM is reliable automotive workshop software for the automotive industry.

With the advent of robust network protocols and technologies, UniASM has become a powerful real-time Online Electronic Business Management Application. Unibase takes advantage of a ‘Thin Client’ architecture to run over the most effective network technologies – TCP/IP over Telkom Frame Relay, DigiNet and ADSL in South Africa. This forward-looking approach to operating system independence gives Unibase the ability to run a spares business on any number of operating platforms including Windows, DOS, Linux and Unix. This flexibility, in turn, allows for lower hardware costs and translates into reduced capital outlays for users of the system.

“I’ve always wanted to race cars, ever since I was a young boy, as I think a lot of guys have.”

-Paul Walker


  • Point of Sale
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Cash Book
  • General Ledger
  • Reporting
  • Stock management
  • Pricing per debtor or stock group
  • Supplier ordering
  • Quotations
  • Multiple store data visibility
  • Auto-replenish
  • Multi-store stock visibility
  • Improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your operation
  • Gain a competitive advantage by locating and supplying parts fast
  • Reduce phone calls to your supplier using the unique single entry system
  • Safe, reliable, accurate data gives you peace of mind
  • Customer enquiries are attended to faster and more accurately
  • Ease of navigation and online help means less training
  • Business specific workflows help users to do their job right, first time
  • Management information is instantly available at all levels of the business

What UniASM Includes

The spares business has never been easier.
UniASM has everything you need to run a professional spare parts business. A comprehensive set of modules covers both front-of-store and back-of-store operations including stock control and distribution, point-of-sale, supplier and customer management with integrated financials and reporting for all modules.
Central operation, local freedom
A key strength of the Unibase offering is the daily operation of the core system by Unibase from its secure server farm in Johannesburg. Your data is expertly stored and managed, away from the risks of theft, fire and water damage on your premises. Your business is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, and multiple branches can be consolidated for Head Office control where required.
A computer system that is managed for you
A group of dedicated experts looks after your system for you, providing data security, daily backups, system and database maintenance, system upgrades and much more. Month-end procedures and balancing are done on your behalf – just one less thing to worry about at your busiest time of the month.
UniPart provides easy menu access with password control for many user roles. For example, the cashier is able to take a quotation or picking slip, add new items if necessary, then produce a cash or debtors’ invoice in one easy step. This allows for motivated professionals at the cashier without the need for complex product knowledge.
Keep your customer informed
UniASM now has powerful output options allowing users to view, print, email, fax or SMS directly from the system. Quotations, invoices, purchase orders and statements can all be packaged in a professional PDF document and sent direct to your customers or partners with very little effort. Web based monitoring tools and statistics are available to keep a record of all documents sent.
Maintain a competitive edge
UniASM contains many features that help you to maintain competitive pricing and optimum stock availability that keep your customers coming back.

Spares management software for the automotive industry

Our workshop management software makes it easier to manage your workshop and keep your employees and customers happy.

It keeps all your important information in one place. And, it’s backed up safely so that your business doesn’t go out the back door if your computer does. This also means that you can access your information even if you’re not in the office.

Quoting is simple and accurate. Supplier pricing and delivery information is kept in the system. This makes it much quicker to prepare a quote, and, once you’ve done that you can send it directly to the customer by email, fax or SMS.

It helps keep your customer informed. You can send appointment reminders, vehicle status updates and courtesy follow-ups by SMS, email and fax.

We cater for individual responsibilities like job control, ordering spares and customer service.

It’s a South African product. It’s been improved over the years based on real world experience from our customers.

It’s got great reporting built in. Regular end-of-month reports and also some unique tracking features which help improve labour efficiency and other aspects of your workshop.

*Professional support available 7 days a week.
*Routine backups done to ensure your data is safe should something happen.


Lite Version
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General Ledger
Cash Book
Trial Balance Reports
Full Version
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Per Month
Package Includes:
General Ledger
Cash Book
Trial Balance
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