Welcome to Unibase Solutions,

With clients in the Property Management, Automotive, Warehousing, Workshop, Hardware and Point-of-sale industries Unibase Solutions has the solution for your business.

For more than 20 years Unibase has been writing and providing cost effective, scalable, modular and reliable business systems that keep you on top of your business and your competitors.

Every business is unique and the system requirements of every business are different from the next, Unibase will write and develop a business solution to meet your needs and requirements.

Cost Effective

The Unibase systems work on a Software as a Service model, otherwise known as the Application Service Provider or ASP model enabling us to provide world class software at a fraction of the licensing costs associated with the off the shelf ERP packages available today.

The Software as a Service model means that customers pay less for their business systems in the long run, are able to access their business software from anywhere in the world and are able to link up all their branches in a real-time, on-line environment saving fortunes.

Why Unibase?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your data secure? What happens if your equipment is stolen and how quickly can you get your systems up and running again? Are you confident that you have a proper backup of your data and that you can restore your data should you need to?
  • Do you seem to be constantly throwing money at server upgrades, server repairs and technician call outs because there is something wrong with your server, hardware failure, virus invasions and the like?
  • Is your current business software giving what you need or do you have gigabytes of software installed and no real results?
  • How is your business system updated when fixes or upgrades are released? Are these upgrades and fixes instant without you having to do anything?

If you have answered any of these questions negatively or hesitantly then give Unibase Solutions a call right away and find out how we can give you peace of mind and a business software solution for your business that works.

Hear it from our customers?

“We had a good feeling about Unibase Solutions from day one. After deciding to switch to their system and implementation was done, our good feelings were justified.

Their system is extremely reliable - In fact I don’t recall every having any down-time on their system. It is easy to use and the countless reports give us easy access to information. Equally as important as reliability, is service. There again they cannot be faulted. Our calls and job requests are always answered and resolved to our satisfaction and with a friendly voice on the other end of the line.

Unibase is highly recommended by us and I am sure by all their other clients.”

Jason – Sirius Property Investments

“It is just gone two years that we are on the Unibase accounting and cataloguing system. Having been acquainted and satisfied with our previous program we were very sceptical to change. Eventually we did change over to Unibase and it was definitely the best change that I made in my 19 years in business.

With the help of the Unibase team, on site for three days, the take on was smooth and virtually hassle free. The training was excellent and my sales staff were onto the Unibase system with ease. The Unibase support team is efficient with very quick response time.

The controls and reporting offered by the Unibase system makes for easy and efficient management of the business.  Very significant with this system is that the sales people are kept in check with regards to gross profit and discounting.

I definitely recommend the Unibase system.”

Pradeep Singh – Autozone Top Parts