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Integrated Property and Business Administrator


UniProp is a Property Management Software solution that caters for the specialist needs of property managers, property agents, property owners and Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs). UniProp will assist with the management of rent and levy collections, disbursements, issuing of statements, and controlling the affairs, finances and accounting of a broad range of properties, owners and tenants.

“The law of property determines who owns something, but the market determines how it will be used.”

– Ronald Coase

UniProp is a quality product from Unibase Solutions serving the South African property management industry, including rental agencies, managing agents, owners and HOAs. It is particularly suited to multi-branch, multi-location, multi-agent property management companies, as well as high-volume small to medium agencies.


  • Lease Agreements
  • Credit Checks
  • Marketing Lists
  • Full Tenant Deposit listing
  • Credit Control and arrears management
  • Arrears notification
  • Clearance certificate requirements
  • Trustee information
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance mandates
  • Manage creditors / contractors
  • Job capture and management
  • Project responsibilities
  • Outstanding jobs per contractor or responsible person
  • SMS and email communications to all parties
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statements
  • Budgets
  • VAT Management
  • Unique three-level property accounting
  • General ledger and reporting for each level
  • Balance Sheets
  • Levy / Rentrolls
  • Disbursement Statements
  • Creditors Roll
  • Property / Unit Information listings
  • Lease and Inspection Reports
  • Unit Account Statements
  • Owner Account Statements
  • Banks (Payments / Receipts)
  • Meter readings
  • Export reports to Excel or Open Office
  • Import from Excel or Open Office
Integrated Corporate Head Office System
National and Regional System Visibility
Procedures and Reporting Across all Franchisees
Common IT platform on
identical system
Complete Property
Management Suite
Franchise Interoperability
Full Systems Integration
Growth Scalability
Full Back Office with realtime G/L
Integrated Rent-roll & Financials
Consolidation to Head Office System
Regional System Visibility
Procedures & Reporting Across all Franchisees

What Uniprop Includes

The letting, maintaining and managing of residential, industrial, retail and commercial properties
Sectional Title
The affairs of Sectional Title and Home Owners Associations.
Property Management
The business of property management and other related or unrelated businesses.
Trust Account Management
Management, control and balancing of the rental and levy trust accounts often used by property managers.
Financial Management
Deposits, interest, fees, commissions, rates, VAT, and much more. UniProp covers all aspects of both the management of client's properties, and the managers' own accounting requirements, with full and automatic integration of the two in all relevant areas. It covers all aspects of the management of properties and their finances and has fully integrated commercial accounting facilities. It covers residential, retail, commercial and industrial properties.

Rental property management software

Our property management software system makes life easier for property managers, agents, owners and Home Owners’ Associations (HOAs). It’s suitable for use with residential, industrial, retail and commercial property. It takes care of the basic accounting work including rent and levy collections, disbursements and issuing statements. It also does a whole lot more.

Improve service and communicate better with owners, tenants and applicants.

Keep on top of changes to tenant and owner contact information.

Reduce vacancies by monitoring lease expiry dates.

Collect rent and levies faster.

Track and manage rent and levy arrears.

Charge interest on overdue accounts.

Link directly to bank accounts for collections and payments.

Manage the entire property maintenance process online – reduce phone calls.

Send SMS, email or fax reminders.

Send promotions and general information by SMS, email or fax.


Send statements to owners and tenants. By email, fax or print.

Manage leases and contracts.

Streamline budgeting and bank reconciliations.

Quickly produce detailed reports to keep everyone informed.

*Professional support available 7 days a week.
*Routine backups done to ensure your data is safe should something happen.


Lite Version
Starting From:
Per Month
Additional Support
Includes some property level features
Includes some agent level features
Includes some management level features
Intermediate Version
Starting From:
Per Month
Limited Support
Includes all property level features
Includes some agent level features
Includes all management level features
Full Version
Starting From:
Per Month
Unlimited Support
Includes all property level features
Includes all agent level features
Includes some management level features
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