Stop violence against women & children.

Unibase Solutions denounces the violence against women and children and rally’s behind the campaign “stop violence against women&children”.

Violence against women and children takes many forms – physical, verbal, sexual, economic as well as psychological. Any form of abuse guarantees lasting negative consequences on its victims and infringes upon the rights for human dignity and freedom.

Research shows that domestic violence against women continues to go under-reported as victims experience victimization and are not being effectively serviced by public services. South Africa has insufficient specialized services for women and children to report domestic violence, the shortage of professionals who deal with domestic violence issues is one of the reasons so many cases don’t get reported.

It is of paramount importance that we protect the vulnerable.  Women and children become helpless at the hands of their perpetrators.  As a society, such social ills need to become “our problem” and not wait until it happens only in our circles.

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